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Allows you to generate random list items and documents
  • This utility can randomize values for most field types including multichoice, Lookups and Taxomony metadata and links

  • List Manager can generate text, word and excel files for document libraries.
  • Use this utility only on development and test environment for load testing. List Manager saves a lot of your time on manual list item creation.

Short video demo:

  • Want to know how your custom web part will work with a list of 10000 items? Don't want to waste your time filling several lists with dozens of fields for testing purposes? This utility will help you.


  • Added a progress bar
  • The form does not hang anymore while generating items
  • List Manager can now generate values for custom Lookup fields like "iLoveSharePoint"
  • List Manager can now generate Excel files


Additional info:

  • Does not use Client Object Model.
  • Can only be run on one of the SharePoint Servers within a farm.
  • Does not use bulk insert technique yet. So, it might be a bit slow when generating thouthands of items.

I will really appreciate your feedback!

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